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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In the Presence of God

In God's presence, nothing else matters. Not that phone call or the bill looming over my head or hunger for the things of this world. In a second of time, it all goes away, and I'm caught and held in His beauty. In the presence of God, it feels like I'm in a vacuum of glory with waves of His love rolling over me.

Whenever we experience Him like this, we need to stay put, basking in His love, while He lifts us up to a higher place, heals us, and transforms our minds to become more like Him. Don't rush. Take time to love His presence.

Sometimes it's like we've drilled a hole in heaven's floor with our praises and suddenly, down flows the glory. "Why would I need to drill a hole in heaven?" you might ask. I think it's because faith and action go hand in hand. We can't just sit still, doing nothing, and expect God to pour blessings over us. In some way, we need to take a step in faith, grab hold of the glory or the healing or the filling of the Holy Spirit. It takes stepping out and doing something—praising, worshiping, dancing before the Lord, and believing enough to reach out. Not that we make it happen. But faith and action do bring about change and create an effect in the spiritual realm around us. "On earth as it is in heaven" inspires me to grab hold of the things of heaven and bring them to earth every chance I get.

Oh, how I love God's presence. I want to walk in it all day long, dancing in swirls of glory. If there's a cure-all for every need, it's being in the presence of God. I'm not talking about finding a quiet place to meditate or me telling God all my requests or reciting the Word. While these can be glorious, what I'm talking about is stepping into the stream of the very presence of God, and once I'm there, basking in that other realm for a while.

In His presence, I am changed, no longer the same.
In His presence is where I long to be, realms of glory taking over me.
Heaven is filled with awe and wonder,
And, oh, I've caught a glimpse.

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