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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter's Beauty

As I drove into town in my big pickup truck, my eyes widened in wonder at the glorious scene stretching out before me. It was as if a new dimension of beauty had opened up a door for me to see beyond the normal country road and farm houses I'd grown accustomed to. Immediately to my left and right, branches and roadside trees loomed toward me, looking as if they'd been dipped in thick white paint. Each delicate branch from low-hanging bushes sparkled with winter's frost, making a postcard-perfect view. It was amazing . . . like that touching moment in Anne of Green Gables when Anne sees The Avenue for the very first time. For a moment I wondered, have the trees been like this all winter and I never noticed?

Surely not . . .

But one thing was for certain, I wanted to drink it all in. Slowing the truck down, my eyes feasted on the beauty sparkling around me like a fairyland. I loved it! And for the first time this season, I truly enjoyed the perfect uniqueness and glory of God's artistry in winter. It really is pretty fabulous, isn't it? (Even for someone like me who doesn't like the cold.)

Each season has its magnificence, both in nature and in our lives. It's good for us to slow down enough to see the beauty around us . . . and to rejoice in its splendor. A new season is around the corner, but let's take the time to enjoy God's brilliant handiwork today.


  1. Mary, thanks for sharing your pictures. Even in subzero temperatures, God can make something beautiful to brighten our day and warm our hearts.

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for sharing, and yes, that's so true! Warm hearts--and warm toes-- are such a blessing!!