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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year's Promises

Yes, I made some New Year's resolutions.
Yes, I made an agreement with myself that this year I would get moving and eat healthier.
AND I set some big writing goals for myself.

As the hour hand crept closer to midnight on 12-31-13, did you join with me in setting some goals for the new year? Did you tell yourself THIS is my year?? Well, good for you!!! I'm thrilled you've decided to make changes or improvements in your life, and I applaud your personal resolution.

I think we should think big.
We should plan big.
If I set a small goal for myself, I'm much more likely to accomplish it, sure. It's safe. But if I set a giant goal, while I may not achieve it, I will have done more with my big goal, than the little bit I would have finished with a tiny goal.

My God is a big God! I heard someone say His dreams for me are much bigger than the dreams I could imagine for myself. What an encouraging thought! My heavenly Father has big plans for me. And I like that! I'm ready for some big dreams.

This year I'm going to move my body more and eat healthier. And I'm going to write more books, God willing.

Don't be afraid to announce your resolution. Proclaim it. Make it your own.
This is the starting month of a brand new year.
Anything is possible!!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mary! Sometimes I need a cheerleader -- :)) I hope to get my two books finalized and published in the near future and to continue working on setting up a website. Will keep you posted!

  2. Yay! Thanks for your comment, Paula! You're going to do it too. I'm so excited to see your dreams come to pass this year. Woo-hoo!!