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Monday, March 11, 2013

Do You Dream about Writing a Book?

Seeing a dream fulfilled is worth more than money. Way more, in my estimation.

I could have waited the rest of my life, hoping for a nod from an agent, and never published my book. That’s the road I was headed down. I’d already given up a couple of times.
Now, six weeks after independently publishing my book, family and friends and new acquaintances are reading Winter’s Past and sharing their feelings about this story of 2nd chances. Holding my book in my hands would not have happened had I waited for more years to pass, just hoping for an open door (or window) in the publishing world.
Instead, I’ve joined the ranks of Indie writers around the world who can say they’ve taken matters into their own hands and their books are now published. And, I’m happy to say, the journey wasn’t that difficult.
After I published Winter’s Past, it seemed like people all around me were talking about the books they wanted to have published. Friends have been working on ideas for years, hoping for their someday-chance, but, so far, they haven’t seen their hopes fulfilled. And time is passing. Could they still get their book of short stories or devotions published? Is marketing possible beyond close family and friends?
YES! By all means.
But it all starts with making a decision. Should you go the indie publishing route? It really comes down to what your goals are. If you hope to make loads of money, writing may not be the best choice. Not that there isn’t money in writing, but it will take time and a lot of diligence. For me, getting my book into the hands of readers has been the biggest thrill. Knowing that tonight someone is reading my book and perhaps the story is touching his or her life means everything.
Has writing a book been in your heart for as long as you can remember? Do you still long to hold your story in your hands? If so, don’t let anything—money included—stand in your way.
If you’re not adverse to hard work, and you have the time to put into it, why not start today?
Of course, it would be a lot easier if you could snag the attention of an agent. And maybe, you should go down that road first. Just so that somewhere along life’s path, you never regret “not” having tried the big time.
On the other hand, you could make a decision to be an indie writer and purposefully pursue that dream, doing the work yourself, and within a planned time (like three months to a year) you could be holding your book in your hands and selling books to friends, family, and new acquaintances through social media and word-of-mouth marketing. The only limit is yourself.
So, if you’re thinking seriously about becoming a published author, what’s the next step?
Dig that old manuscript out of the drawer and start editing with a fresh viewpoint and a new fervor. If you haven’t written the story that’s played over and over in your mind, start writing tonight. What’s to stop you? Nothing! That’s what.
Today's a new day with brand new opportunities. You can make your dream of writing a book come true. I did!
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