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Monday, February 8, 2016

Big Cheer

What if every time someone did something good, we cheered wildly?

Did you watch the Super Bowl with a group of people? I love the idea of sharing all that enthusiasm and cheering together. No one is worried about sounding too loud or being embarrassing when they're shouting and clapping for their team. They're free to yell, jump and up down, dance, whatever.

Wouldn't that be a cool way to enjoy life everyday?

What if we heard someone's good news and we jumped up and down and cheered like people did during the football game? Would we feel silly? Maybe. But how much more fun would life be if we weren't intimidated by what other's thought of us and we could express our joy and happiness in a boisterous way? What if someone told us of an accomplishment and we cheered for them right there, even in the middle of a crowd? What if we approached all of life with such zeal?

It makes me think we should laugh and rejoice more. If we're happy, why not let out a loud yippeeeee!? If we receive good news, why not jump up and down or dance about?

Too often, I feel intimidated. I think others might not like my laugh or my singing voice or what I have to say. But lately, I've been laughing louder. When I'm watching a funny movie or hearing my actors adding something humorous to their lines, I let my laughter out. But jumping up and down and dancing? That sounds a little scary. Yet, if I would do it for a game, why not act that way for real-life events? Think how we used to respond when we were kids. I can remember running all over the playground shouting and acting silly and not caring one bit what someone thought of me.

I think it's true of worship and praise too. I like to sing out loud and clap my hands and say my "amens." I want to rejoice and celebrate in all aspects of life. I don't think God is offended by noise. Loud celebration has its place.

Let's enjoy life fully.
Laugh out loud.
Sing with a new expression of joy.
Don't be intimidated.
Be free.

We might even be surprised.
Expressing our joy just might be contagious.