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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Battle Cry!

Do we need a battle cry?
Everywhere we go, voices are yelling out: This politician lies! Vote for my candidate. Drive this car and you’re cool. If you do this, you’ll be beautiful. Charge this, it’s priceless.
Pretty soon, all the voices become a giant blur. A roar in our heads.

So what is a battle cry? A “war cry”, according to Merriam Webster’s.
Am I alluding that there’s a battle going on? Yes! A big one. A battle for our souls, our devotion, our peace of mind. When was the last time you were silent long enough to hear that “still small voice”? The roar has been getting bigger and wider.

We can’t fully imagine the realm and ramifications of our spiritual battles. Do you have a battle cry against the forces of evil?
In 2 Chronicles 13, Abijah, with an army half as large as the opposing one, stands on a hillside and boldly pronounces, “God is with us; he is our leader.” He warns them not to fight against the Lord. Refusing to listen, the warring side surrounds Abijah’s group, front and back.

Remember, it’s 2:1. Now things get interesting.
Abijah’s army could have run at this point. I might have. Instead, three things happen. One, they cry out to the Lord. Two, the priests blow their trumpets. Basically they’re saying—we’re gonna win this whole deal. And three, the men yell out a battle cry!

That makes me want to shout! I already did when I read it this morning. If it makes you want to shout, do it! J
This analogy of victory is so cool. *Call on the Lord. *Play an instrument or sing to the Lord—I would call this worship. *And let out an absolute battle cry.

“Praise God! Holy is the Lord!” We do have a battle cry. Whatever it is, it will be your own. A personal cry of victory. Trusting in God even though the circumstance before your eyes might not “look” like victory. We will shout, knowing the Lord God is fighting our battle!
“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10: 4

“Holy is the Lord!”
What is your battle cry?