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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do We Ever Feel Satisfied?

What does it take to satisfy us?

An amazing piece of chocolate?
A great movie?
A personal accomplishment?
A perfect moment with our family?
The best-ever date?

These are some of the things I love. Moments that make me say...ah.
But the satisfaction in these amazing times are short-lived.
They don't last.
I wake up wanting something more.
Something else.
They don't fill the empty space in my soul.

The only place and the only One I've ever discovered true, lasting satisfaction in is when I spend alone-time with Jesus. He is my satisfaction. My fulfillment. My everything.

Minutes—hours—with Him change me, absorb me, fill me like no other.
Jesus Christ transforms my longings...aches...aloneness...with Himself.

His love, mercy, joy,
Changes everything.
And makes me satisfied.