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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is a "radical" Christian?

I ordered the book Radical by David Platt.
Before it arrives, I find myself questioning what it means to be a “radical” Christian.

In my Christian walk, there were times when I was “on fire” for the Lord. Other times I fell into religiosity. And the saddest of times, mediocrity.
The hot. The cold. And the lukewarm.
I've lived them all.

Right now, in the autumn of my life, I'm experiencing a deep hunger to know the move of God, to walk in a fervency in Jesus like I've never experienced before, to listen to the Holy Spirit on a moment-by-moment basis. Sometimes God's love and His presence is so big, so wide, I barely know what to do.

But there's one thing I do know...I don't want anything to do with religiosity. A token hour spent in church on Sunday morning won't suffice ever again. I want so much more.

So I've decided to make a list of what I think being a “radical” Christian is before I read the book Radical. I may be way off, but I'm going to start with a few things like...
  • being willing to give up everything...houses, cars, comfort.
  • to have nothing, so I can give everything.
  • to serve anywhere Jesus asks.
  • to share the Gospel like today is my last day to do so.
What do you think being a “radical” Christian is? Are you dissatisfied with the status quo of Christianity?