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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Love Youth Theater!

For the last month, I've had my eyes on the goal. And the computer screen. From mid-morning until late afternoon, from late night until early morning, I've been formatting my plays into "real" playbooks, and some, even into e-books.

Whew! My eyes are tired. (haha)

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the re-release of six of my plays.

If you know me, you know I love Youth Theater! There's nothing like watching young people step onstage for Opening Night. They've memorized, practiced, learned every quirk, flaw, and inspirational point of their characters. Now, they're ready to step into the characters' shoes and "live" in the story.

It has been my privilege to direct 24 full-stage shows for high school, junior high, and Young Adult Theater. There's nothing like it.

In the play A Christmas Calamity, Cliff Foster finds out he's about to lose his house two weeks before Christmas. He doesn't want to tell his wife and five daughters they're going to have to move to Hooverville. When the girls discover the truth, they take matters into their own hands to convince the banker to let them have one last Christmas in their home. Calamity and comedy collide in this 1930's production about a family coming to terms with hard times and learning to count their blessings through it all.

Even as I've read and formatted the play this month, I've laughed and been blessed. When everything seems to be going wrong, how different our lives will be if we only remember to "Count your them one by one."

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