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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is THIS the Right Road?

I can't believe three months have passed since my last blog.

Recently I've taken a writing break. I was busy finishing up my big production, but—I hate to admit—I got discouraged with my book writing. I even told myself I was not a writer. It was silly, I know. But it was there, nonetheless.

Writing is a gift.
Maybe one I've taken for granted.

For now, I'm taking it slow and seeing where the Lord leads. After all, it is His gift, and the road of His choosing is the one I want to follow.

We are on a journey, every one of us.

The road sometimes veers in a direction we hadn't expected. With all of the potholes, sharp corners, and difficult climbs, we might wonder if we are on the right road.

Faith, in all its wonder, bids us to keep moving forward. Always believing. Always trusting He is working for our good.

And He is.