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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laugh More

I say we need to laugh more. Not to just be happy, but to really belly laugh when we hear something funny. When did we become so self-conscious about letting out a good chortling laugh? Did spit fly out of our mouth and hit someone? Did a friend say we laugh too loud? Squeal like a pig?
I love to hear people laughing out loud.
Everyone knows someone who has a distinctive laugh. High-pitched. Santa-Claus-like. A drum roll. When you hear that person laughing, isn’t the immediate reaction a smile across your face—or a raucous laugh out loud moment of your own?
I worked in a school where one of my coworkers had a delightfully contagious, signature laugh. Every time I heard him chuckle, it brought a giant grin to my face. I love hearing people laugh with joy and abandonment. It’s freeing. It’s contagious. It’s blessedly childlike.

We’ve all heard the comparison that children laugh hundreds of times a day, while adults laugh 15 or so times a day. Why are we so serious?

While many of us live stressful lives, trying to provide for our families, building a career, pursuing goals, the de-stresser really is free. Its name is laughter!

I think we should all let out a good ole belly laugh today. Read something funny. Share stories with siblings or cousins from when we were young and carefree. Watch an old comedy, like Bill Cosby or Don Knotts. Or go to a funny play!

And when you laugh, don’t hold back. Let that loud, exuberantly boisterous guffaw bubble up from your belly. Laughter is so good for us.

And besides, it’s fun. J