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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Write What's in You

They say we should write what we know. But I know about a lot of things I don't care about. We all know stuff. The world and the internet is full of facts and stuff.

But when it comes to writing something that will bring about change or hope or revive a lost dream, we need to write what's inside of us, not just what we know. Like drawing water from a deep well, we must pull up those thunder-clapping, heart-stopping emotions, and make the memories and feelings live on paper. What heats up a subject in your spirit? What makes you laugh or cry or feel love or sorrow deep within you? What makes you want to jump out of your skin with excitement? Whatever that is, grab hold of it and never let go. Find a way to live in that delight as you write and weave its message throughout a story or essay or blog. When we draw from the deep desires of our heart to the point we're able to make it live through fictional characters and words, that's when our stories and writing will effect change, touch lives, brighten someone's day, perhaps, even save a life.

Wow! That's where I want to live and write. As a reader, that's how I want to be inspired. Please, touch my spirit. Make me want to change, to be a better person, a better wife, mom, and friend. To follow God in a deeper level because of how you inspired me in your writing.

If I get bogged down on what that central part of my writing should be, I can search my heart. What do I care about? What moves me? What's the last thing that made me cry? What would I give up everything for?

If the heart behind my story moves me first, it will surely touch someone else.

Write what is in you. Even if it isn't popular. Even if it doesn't make money. Write from the place where your spirit cries out to be heard. That's a story I want to read. And write.

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