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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Baron's Daughter & Youth Theater Fun

So ends another show! With some feelings of sadness, I say goodbye to another fabulous Youth Theater show--my 25th! I am so blessed to get to work with kids and watch their talents and confidence grow year after year. Wow. These kids, 7th-12th graders, were so much fun to watch and listen to. The lead characters have been in quite a few of my productions, and this was truly their shining year. And what better way to shout "howdy" to my 25th show than to celebrate with a good ole western?

We had good guys and bad guys. We had a super bad guy--the Baron. And the town hero--Jeb Donovan. And the show couldn't go on without our leading lady--Cassandra Von Zandenberg. Add to that some silly characters, a boys' line dance, a western brawl, and lots of lively fun and dancing, and it was a night (or 3) to remember!

People ask me if I'm glad it's over. My answer is always . . . no. I'm never happy it's over. I want the spotlights to keep shining and the laughter and clapping to continue. But all good things must eventually come to an end. So I say goodbye to this year's actors who have become very dear to me, I wash the costumes one last time and pack them away in 18-gallon buckets, I dust off the cowboy boots and hope for another chance to use them, and dream of an audience leaping to their feet, clapping wildly, and cheering "Encore!"

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