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Monday, February 17, 2014

My Review of My Heart Beats for You

This morning, I read My Heart Beats for You, and I loved it again!!

Here's my review of this heart-stirring book by Paula Lynn McGrew:

In My Heart Beats for You, Paula Lynn McGrew has created a masterpiece of words, emotions, and pictures depicting the precious and delightful love of God the Father. The words, as if from the Lord, himself, are truly inspiring and uplifting, almost like a psalm of devotion. As I read through this charming book, my heart was stirred to ponder and absorb the idea anew that God loves me. He LOVES me!! "Every moment I know where you are," and "Every time I look at you, I say, 'Wow!'" spoke to me like a love song. Paula did a fabulous job articulating the passion of a Father cherishing his child completely, forever, and no matter what. For anyone who's ever struggled with picturing a father's love, this book is the one to read. I highly recommend My Heart Beats for You to readers of all ages. I can see it being such a blessing at baby showers and birthdays or any kind of gift-giving event for children or adults—or simply purchased to read and enjoy, and then, read again. The message in this book touched me deeply; I'm sure it will speak to your heart too.

I first read this book a couple of months ago when Paula was preparing it for publication, and I loved it! The words stirred such a deep chord in my heart about God's love for me. Today, I read it again, and WOW!!! I felt the same warmth and sweetness of God's love pour over me. It's a definite read--and reread!!!

My Heart Beats for You is available in paperback and Kindle.

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