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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mary's Indie Publishing Workshop

This weekend, I was invited to the Pinehurst, Idaho, public library to share my Indie Publishing Workshop. I'd heard there were a couple of people who had manuscripts ready and wanted to know what to do next. So I added some pretty new slides to my Power Point presentation, dusted off my handouts, and my husband and I went to meet some new friends about an hour-and-a-half drive from our country home. Still thinking I'd be sharing with two or three writers, we set up two tables and six comfy chairs facing the wall where my slideshow would be displayed. Boy, was I thrilled when people kept walking through the door of that small meeting room. By the end, thirteen writers and interested guests had joined with me in talking about the Indie writing/publishing way. Isn't that cool?

From newbies to a writer who'd already published six books, our mutual joy was discussing writing and the process of getting a book published and noticed. I shared tips on marketing, formatting, publishing in paperback and ebook, and what to do next. I met some wonderful writers who had tips of their own to share. One lady encouraged me when she said, "I can't wait to go home and pull my manuscript out and start writing!" That's exactly the response I love. I want to encourage others that they CAN do this. It's not as difficult as they (you) might imagine.

If you're wondering whether or not you should try publishing your book, you CAN do it. If your dream, like mine, has been to write a book since you were a kid, know this, you CAN. Don't give up. Join a writers' group where the goal is to be published, not just to practice writing. Read everything you can through blogs and ebooks about the current Indie Publishing possibilities. It's pretty exciting when you realize what you can do to get your ideas into the hands of readers—without it costing an arm and a leg. And you get to make all the creative choices. That's pretty awesome.

Follow your dream.
You can write AND publish.
Start today.
Begin with a single step...knowing you can!


  1. Mary, this sounds like it was a lot of fun! I wish I could have attended. Thanks for encouraging us to pursue our dreams. I appreciate you!

  2. Thanks, Paula!! I really enjoy sharing my story at these workshops. And it's fun to meet new people who carry the same dream of seeing their books published. Congratulations on your recent publishing success!!

  3. Enjoyed touring your website and blog, Mary! Tweaked my interest since I love drama too! :)

    1. Hi Eileen! Thank you for stopping by. Are you a director? I love my Youth Theater days! What a blessing to get to inspire young people to use their talents for the Lord. Blessings to you...