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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How's Your Kindling?

It's the season for fires—in my woodstove, of course. But on some days, I can't get the fire to blaze for anything. It smokes, bursts to life for a few seconds, then wimps out to nothing.

I add newspaper and kindling. I strike the match again. Wait. I blow and blow until my throat is raspy from inhaling smoke. Repeat the steps. Sometimes, I work at this for a half hour before giving up.

Frustrated, I know one thing . . . my kindling is wet or green. Dry kindling would change everything.

We've all seen news reports where a single match ignited an entire field or forest. How could that be when I can't even get a small fire to start in my woodstove? How could one match create a blaze big enough to consume everything in its path?

It all comes down to dry conditions. Hungry conditions. Sticks and tiny strands of grass are crisp and dry, ready for the tiniest flame to consume them. Wet wood equals smoldering and smoke. Dry kindling, empty of water, seasoned, hungry, is ripe for bursting into flame.

Oh, may my soul be in such a condition!

Do I really want to be dry and empty? Yes! A thousand times yes! Empty of sin. Empty of self. Dried out from desires hindering my walk with the Lord. Seasoned with the Word of God. Seasoned with prayer. Dry in that I'm hungry and waiting and longing for a simple blaze to burst me into a flame of the very presence of God. A fire so strong it consumes sin and disease and the influences of satan. A fire of love so astounding it could change the world. My world.

I say, bring on the dry kindling and let's see what happens.

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