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Monday, December 23, 2013

Announcing . . . Stage Wars!!

In many ways, writing a book is like having a baby. The idea is conceived in a splash of creative imagery. It's nourished in a bazillion what-ifs. Feelings of love for the story haunt the author, waking her up in the middle of the night with possible solutions, plot twists, and ideas for names. The words are critiqued and edited over and over, perused from every angle, much like a mother doting over and loving her child through nine months of care. Then, when the author thinks it's finally time, the delivery imminent, labor begins. Cover creating, formatting, marketing strategies, and a world of new learning experiences bring about pain and struggle. The fight is on to birth this baby. Seeing it for the first time, holding it gently in her hands, keeps the writer going. Excitedly, she presses on, knowing very soon, family and friends will get to witness this miracle she's birthed in her heart.

With that said, here' my new baby! STAGE WARS is finished! Considering I've written nineteen stage productions and directed twenty-four, I decided to write about something I knew . . . the love of Youth Theater. But I also wanted to add a zing of adventure, so I tossed in a whirling make-you-sick-til-you-puke time travel contraption. I absolutely delighted in this journey. The labor was intensive, but worth every hour of tears and struggle.

Stage Wars is written for 5th-8th graders who love adventure, theater, and Christian fiction stories. And some adults have told me they enjoyed the story too!

Check out the first review for Stage Wars:

Author and playwright, Mary E. Hanks, has written a fun, entertaining story filled with pulse-pounding suspense and harrowing experiences that will captivate any child's imagination. As a mother of two boys who delight in sword fighting, medieval times and role playing, I know kids will enjoy reading Stage Wars as the main characters embark on a time travel adventure unlike anything they've ever experienced. In the course of rehearsing for a school play, Shem, TJ and Claire find themselves aboard the Time Spinner, Professor Plunkmeyer’s brain child. Deposited in England in 1068 during the reign of King William the Conqueror when sword-wielding warriors and dungeons were the norm, can foes become friends and work together to find their way home again?

Stage right. Stage left. Offstage. Onstage. Houselights and intermission. For any youngster who enjoys theater and play acting, and feels a call to Broadway, this book is a great choice. Theatrical and captivating, Stage Wars is sure to make a bookworm out of even the most reluctant reader. If your child has an adventurous spirit and loves history and play-acting, then this is the book to read. Run to the bookstore and pick up a copy – and don’t be late! And don’t let Mrs. Dragoon catch you without your costume on!
Paula McGrew
Author of My Heart Beats for You coming in 2014

Thank you, Paula, for those beautiful words!

You can check out Stage Wars on Amazon HERE.

To visit the characters' website, click HERE.


  1. Congratulations on the release of your latest book, Mary!

  2. Thank you so much!! I appreciate your encouragement. Happy New Year!!