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Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Need Adventure!

Sometimes life gets mundane. We do the same things over and over. “Same time. Same Bat channel.”
Do you ever feel like you’ve got to get away or you might explode?
That was me a month ago. I needed adventure and a dash of spontaneous fun.  
So, Jason and I did something we’ve never done before. We made quick plans and took off to a place of delightful eye-candy—The Grand Canyon.

Rich hues of mountainous splendor. Drop-offs near our feet. The excitement of seeing something for the very first time. Sure, we’d seen pictures and clips in movies. But experiencing it ourselves was another story entirely.The first day we did the tourist thing as we hiked the South Rim on the 4th of July. The views were fabulous as we looked down. Thousands of people joined us on our trek.

But it wasn’t until the second day when we hiked into the canyon that we truly experienced the depth and detail of the massive mountains all around us.

And it was hot. 107 degrees at Cedar Ridge.

On that day, we truly found our adventure. We hiked down a mile and a half to Cedar Ridge. We weren’t as daring as some. We only walked until half of our water supply was gone. There are signs all around urging people not to walk down to the river and back in one day—a twelve mile hike roundtrip. But even at a mile and a half we felt like adventurers winding down into the rocks and heat. We could imagine early settlers viewing these sights. Native Americans living on the green patch far below, so contrasting to the rugged stones all around.


We were right there. Experiencing it. Breathing in the air of The Grand Canyon. And eating lunch, of course!

The hike back up was much more difficult than I’d imagined. In the past when we’d climbed mountains, we climbed while we were fresh and came downhill when we were tired. At The Grand Canyon, it’s the opposite. You hike down while you’re fresh and hike UP when you’re tired.  

But putting one foot in front of the other, and admiring the glorious scenery around us, we made it back to the top. Tired, but happy.

I had my adventure. Now, I can't wait for the next one! :)

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