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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blessed are the hungry...

You mean, hunger is a good thing?

Have you ever been really hungry? You've had a crazy-busy day. Dinnertime rolls around, and you realize you didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. You smell pizza cooking, and every olfactory receptor stands at attention. Oh, yes. You are ready to devour anything edible in sight.
Hunger brings longing. An aching need for fulfillment. In the same way, if that longing is for God, to know Him, to experience Him, to delight in Him, then hunger is a good thing. A life-changing thing.
In the presence of God, we find joy, peace, an amazing realization of love, and a confirmation of all the promises He’s given—and so many other things. And the best way I know to transform into God’s realm is through worship. Spending time alone with my Savior. Praising Him.
Worship resolves anxiety. Soothes my troubled spirit. Brings rest. Peace.
When I get lost in worshiping the Lord, it humbles me as I forget my surroundings, the pressures of the day, my to-do list, and worries. Focusing on the Lord brings me close to Him. The magnificent One. The author of peace. The one who died for me. Suffered for me. Rose again so I could too!
Why do I forget sometimes?
Life gets hectic. I spend more time asking for things in prayer than simply bowing at His feet in worship—or dancing before him in the hills. Oh, to delight in Him. To love Him beyond measure.
When we get hungry, really hungry, we are blessed. Satisfied. And yet, like tasting a scrumptious brownie fresh from the oven, we only want more.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled. Mt 5:5
My soul finds rest in God alone;  Psalm 62:1  

Only You are righteous and holy,
You are faithful and true,
Only You by Your grace and Your mercy,
Change my life so all can see…Only You.

(“Only You” written for Winter’s Past by Lance Simmons & Mary Hanks. You can listen to this song at

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