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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weeds in Me

It’s time to dig out the weeds in my berry patch—again! Every year I do it, and every year weeds return. It doesn’t matter if I dig down to the bottom of the roots or not, they’re determined to invade my berry patch like a plague. The above picture shows half my garden after I’ve hand-pulled weeds. The next one shows my very weedy, grass-overgrown patch—like the first half was before I got to it. If only I could figure out the trick to getting rid of weeds permanently.
Kind of like weeds in my life.

Those things I thought were gone forever, at an unsuspecting moment, pop up. Look at us. We’re back to bother you! Habits and thoughts I know are washed away taunt me like those naughty weeds in my garden. I give a problem to the Lord. It’s gone, right? But up a weed shoots at some unsuspecting moment, reminding me it can overrun my garden if I’m neglectful.
Is there a cure?
Soaking in the presence of Jesus is the only consistent life-weeding I know. Distractions are rampant on every side. Responsibilities and entertainment pull us this way and that. Yet, it’s exactly when I’m distracted and overly-busy that weeds in me grow out of control. When I’m focused on God, lost in Him, delighting in worship, things bother me much less. The weeds seem to be choked of oxygen.
Yet, I'm human, and I realize those grubby weeds are going to come back again. But I’m determined to stop them from overtaking my life—and my garden.
What do you do about weeds?

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