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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


With effort and determination, you CAN do what’s in your heart to do.
I had a dream to write a book. It lingered in me for a really long time. I’d work on my book-stories for a season, then for one reason or other, get discouraged, and set the dream aside. I’d get all worked up again, polish my manuscript, send queries to agents, feel rejected, and set it aside again. The zing of failure zapped my heart.
A familiar tale?
If so, know this. You CAN be a writer. You CAN write a book. You CAN be an author. You CAN do what’s in your heart to do.
Sure, it's going to take some work. But it's worth it!
Don’t wait for an agent or a publisher or anyone else to say you’re good enough.
If you dream to be an author, write! Then edit, edit, edit. Give copies to friends—and strangers, if possible—and listen to what they suggest. Try not to take their comments personally. Each of those people represent a portion of the population of readers who will think the same way. Someone doesn’t like the ending? What can make it better? Someone doesn't get the protagonist? Use your imagination to fix it. Why not? You’re a writer, after all. Full of creative ideas.
If you can afford a professional editor, do it! 
Then google for instructions and testimonials about Indie Publishing. You’ll be surprised at what YOU can do. Yes, it’s a little scary to plunge into the deep water. But once you do, it’s a  dynamite feeling to get the chance to make all the decisions on your own.
It will be a dream come true.
You CAN.
And I hope you do!

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